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by Desire With an E

Title:  "Buddha - Peace among Chaos" by Desire With An E

Do you love nature?
Nature in all it's beauty can be very alive with both chaos and peace.  "Buddha - Peace among Chaos" is a perfect reminder of how we can choose to be peaceful in a chaotic world.

Three dimensional trees conspire to continue winding with the sun and earth, blooming in magnificent magnitude as the peaceful Buddha takes in his surroundings and breathes restfully with long inhales and exhales cultivating more Qi (chee) energy.

Large rooms where families gather, such as kitchens or living rooms, are an ideal setting for the Buddha to induce peace among many energies.

This original is 3 dimensional and will require a box set frame (not included) to astound the wall with lively peace.


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Fine art original, acrylic & ink on .75 wrapped Canvas

"Buddha - Peace Among Chaos" - Original
  • "Buddha - Peace Among Chaos" - Original

"Buddha - Peace Among Chaos" - Original

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30" x 40" Fine art original, acrylic & ink on .75 wrapped Canvas. Purchase does not include shipping. Please provide contact information to arrange best shipping method and cost.

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